Brief History of the LTMA

The Ligonier Township Municipal Authority was chartered on January 10, 1950. The original members of the board were:

Robert J. Black
Larry Noonan
Harry Guerrier
Bert Jones
*Francis Smith

* Francis Smith was appointed Jan 1953 to fill a vacancy caused by the death of a former member.

Neilan Engineers of Somerset, PA were the Engineers of the project. Construction of the 17,000,000 gallon reservoir was started in May 1953. The original treatment system consisted only of the disinfection of surface water prior to delivery to water customers.

The system remained unchanged until the enactment of the Surface water Treatment Rule in June 1989 by the U.S. environmental Protection Agency. This rule required all public water systems using surface water sources to filter water in addition to disinfection to protect the general public against adverse health effects of exposure to pathogens. Subsequently the Ligonier Township Municipal Authority finalized constructed of a slow sand filtration plant in 1994 and at that same time constructed a well in the State Game lands as a backup supply of water.

In 1996 the ownership, operation, and maintenance of the Waterford Waterworks was given to the Ligonier Township Municipal Authority by the Ligonier Township Supervisors. The acquisition included all transmission mains, distribution lines, and well.

In 2002 the Ligonier Township Sanitary Authority was dissolved and all the ownership, operation, and maintenance of all sewer collection facilities within Ligonier Township was transferred to the Ligonier Township Municipal Authority. The original sewer system served the areas north of Ligonier only which include Oakwood Hills and Park Plan. The original system was expanded in 2012 to include the Ligonier East and Laughlintown areas. All sewer service areas in the original system and 2012 expansion project served by the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County wastewater treatment facility.

The Darlington wastewater treatment facility and sewage collection system was constructed in 2014 which provides sewage collection and treatment to the corridor along Darlington Road.

Future plans include the construction of a sewage collection and conveyance system to serve the areas of Oak Grove, Waterford, and Wilpen. Planning efforts are currently being undertaken by Ligonier Township for the implementation of this project.


One Municipal Park Drive
Ligonier, PA 15658

Phone: 724-238-7464   
Fax: 724-238-3711
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Office hours: 7:00 am to 3:30 pm
Monday through Friday. LTMA office closes at lunch in order to provide our employees with a lunch break.
*There is an after hours payment drop box in the door of the main entrance of the Municipal Building.

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